Brotee – A vision for social change

    The Vision

    Brotee has a corporate vision with a social commitment. It hopes to contribute to the evolution of a society that is inherently independent and free, drawing on the inner strength, culture, resources and values of its people. Yet, based on the acknowledgement of an inter-dependent global eco-feminist ideology within a framework of social justice and people’s right to determine their own lives, society and governance.

    Brotee, a company for social change was founded in 1992 with a vision to achieve Atma Shakti (strength of the soul) and freedom to determine social change.


    The Mission

    Through People’s Action Research (Gono Gobeshona) strengthen democracy; build protection and participation of women and the ‘vulnerable’ (ethnic and religious minority) and alleviate ‘water poverty’ through right to safe drinking water and arsenic mitigation as peoples’ basic right to life.