Organizational management system

    Brotee’s operational philosophy is to use open management to promote a team approach and an open atmosphere where productive, innovative work is possible. In this system, every individual, regardless of position is a valuable resource to be used in forwarding the development effort. Therefore it is the responsibility of every staff member to contribute ideas in staff meetings and while working on projects and to participate in policy decisions. It is also the obligation of every employee to respect the ideas of others and to share information and resources to the maximum extent possible. Each employee is urged to consider the overall goals of the agency more important than self-objectives and to act accordingly.

    In accordance with this policy, we use a "decentralized" approach in organization. Supervisors can be regarded as team leaders, and are ultimately held responsible for the output of the area/department they head up. Employees in each department will work through and with the supervisor. The CEO is a valuable resource for advice and she delegates work but as such of her time is involved with overall management and maintaining official liaisons, she places decision-making authority in the supervisors. Other expatriate staff/consultant will be assigned to work with a departmental team. It is the organization's goal to establish good integration of staff members.

    BROTEE is a performance-oriented organization. This means that we recognize an employee's performance, constructive thinking and input into the agency over status, background or degrees and we promote and reward accordingly. Advancements are not "given" but are "earned.” Responsibility and reliability are also important qualities in an employee. The Organization urges and indeed expects the maximum contribution of every staff member in making a comfortable and stimulating place to work.